The George Gift Vouchers

Gift Card Enquiry

Temporarily, we will be taking orders of gift vouchers over the phone and via email.

If you would like to order a gift voucher then you have arrived at the right place!

Please leave your details below regarding your gift card enquiry.

This is so we can get in contact with you quickly and get your voucher sent out to you ASAP.

We will also be taking payment securely over the phone so somebody will ring you back to take this payment securely.

Please send an email to:

In the email, please use the subject line:

“The George Gift Card Enquiry"

We would like you to detail the message that you would like to be on the gift voucher.

Please could you also leave the address that you would like the voucher sent to so that we can get this voucher sent out to you.

Please also state the value of the voucher that you would like it to be redeemed for.

Alternatively, contact us by following this link.

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