The George Hathersage to Reopen in June

We'll Be Back Open in June

If you're new here and missed the drama that unfolded on Friday, October 20, 2023, The George Hathersage became a victim of the floods caused by Storm Babet.

A number of homes and businesses were flooded in the storm in Hathersage and unfortunately, we took the hit pretty badly. So badly that we had to close to 'dry out' for a number of months before work could begin to restore our beautiful, historical legendary local.

We'll Be Back, and Better Than Ever!

Here's some pics that were taken on Thursday (25th April) to show the progress that is steadily being made.

We've got plastered walls drying, first fix of the plumbing and electrics has been completed and we've made a start on the joinery.

The interior design is being expertly created by Jess, the designer from Concorde BGW. Concorde did such a good job on the bedrooms at The Ashford Arms which opened last month so we had to get them to help with The George. When it comes to the interior design, expect bold colours, striking prints and the quirks that The George is famous for.

Start Booking for Summer

Managing director of Longbow Venues, Rob Hattersley has revealed that The George is expected to reopen in June.

“Can we put the exact date?" we asked.

“I'd rather not. I don't want to jinx it and then us look like muppets if something delays it." said Rob, in his trademark tell-it-like-it-is style!

But… you should start booking for summer. If you have those all-important birthday celebrations, events and staycations then yes, we'll be welcoming you back to dine, drink and relax at The George Hathersage in a matter of weeks.

Click here to book.

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